Wallpaper: The Secret to Design Success

Wallpaper is the secret recipe to beautiful interior design this year.

The ingredient to design success that lifts the profile of a room lies in a piece of paper that has the potential to enlarge and enlighten a space in an eye-catching fashion. Wallpaper not only creates a focal point from any vantage point, but also injects colours and tones into your room.

Good wallpaper contributes to the design of a room and also acts as artwork. In rooms where there are less pieces of artwork hung on the walls, a pinch of wallpaper will complement the modernist minimalism with subtle flairs of design flavour.

Striped patterns are phenomenal for opening up a space. Vertical stripes subtly highlight the height of a room whilst horizontal stripes emphasise the length of a wall and create a feeling of space.

Alternatively, in rooms that are very spacious, textured wallpaper can be introduced to close the space. If you have a room that is cold and experiences draughts, this is also a great technique for adding warmth to a room that doesn’t come with a pricey electricity bill.

Add a pop of colour to a room with not so subtle geometric patterns and floral designs. Masculine design can be accomplished with a statement wallpaper of bold colours or between the dramatic contrast of white and black geometric patterns. For a more subtle approach, florals and geometric patterns in whites, creams or pastels add a modern feminine touch to any design.

If you are simply giving the room a facelift, choose a wallpaper that compliments the colours, fabrics, textures and design features of the room. Place a swatch of wallpaper in the space to see how it looks in the light of the room and how it complements the pre-existing design features.

Understanding the versatility of wallpaper in design is essential to uncapping its potential as a key ingredient in your room.

Once you have developed an awareness of the space you are working within and formed a vision of your interior design, pick your wallpaper keeping these things in mind.

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