Virtual Tour Headset

Inspired Homes is leading the way with a new wave of virtual technology.

The introduction of the Inspired Homes Virtual Tour Headset allows would-be buyers to take a full 360-degree visual record of our display homes to revisit at any time.

Buyers simply need to load the Inspired Homes Virtual Tour on their smartphone, slip it into the Inspired headset and they are ready to revisit their favourite Inspired design.

The Inspired Homes Virtual Tour offers an experience which is second only to physically being inside our display homes.

Portability of the headset allows buyers to show their families and friends through the Inspired designs anytime, anywhere.

No longer will buyers be limited to viewing only the homes that are available on display because we will also be adding virtual tours on other popular designs that can also be inspected.

Being at the cutting edge is what we are all about, as demonstrated with the introduction of the Inspired Homes Creator Tool which was introduced in 2007.

Available on our website, this interactive tool uses a modular system that separates Inspired Homes’ designs into three modules.

Modules can be mixed and matched to start the creative process for buyers’ own unique designs.

Once again Inspired Homes has been busy thinking outside the square to provide a unique and refreshing approach to building new homes in Melbourne and selected regional areas.

Visit Inspired Homes to walk through the designs on display and experience first-hand the Inspired Homes Virtual Tour!

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