Kid & Animal Friendly Interior Design

Believe it or not, it is possible to have both beautiful interiors and kids or animals!

Whether you are building a new home or looking to renovate an established home, with a few simple tricks you can create a stylish, bright, affordable and family friendly design that you will just love…


Choose carpets with a slight fleck to hide lint, fluff, hair and dirt between cleans. Wooden flooring is a great alternative to carpets that is easy to keep clean and has the added bonus of hiding little footprints, hair, dirt, and dust until you have time for a thorough clean.


Create light and bright environments with white walls. This will open the space and inject a freshness into the atmosphere. Believe it or not, white walls don’t show up any more dirt than walls of different light colours and shades.


Select fabrics for lounge suits, chairs and cushions that hide grubby finger marks, stains and food. Fabrics with slight flecks will hide marks and fluff, and fabrics with different textures will hide bits of dirt between cleans.

Ensure that all fabrics are easy to clean and always keep the aesthetic appeal of a fabric in mind; if it doesn’t go with your overall design select something different.


The key to being tidy is ample storage! Create storage in every room that is both stylish and functional to hide mess. When everything has a home, avoiding clutter is easy.


You don’t need a big budget for a stylish, bright and family friendly interior. Find inspiration from style bloggers and Instagrammers online. When you know what you want, check out furniture sales and DIY projects for affordable design options that work within your chosen style.  Houzz is a good website for home design, decorating and renovating ideas and products, and Instagram can be used to find boutique stores to help you with the finishing touches.

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