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Inspired Homes was created in 2004 by managing director Andrew Stickley to provide a refreshing difference to the volume-driven major builders in Melbourne.

He had a vision to create homes that were different in concept and performance.

With a philosophy of ‘yes’, Andrew built a modular design system that allowed a different home to be designed for every homebuyer. This meant that buyers were no longer restricted to the generic designs of volume-builders but had the option of competitively priced custom homes designed to suit their very specific requests.

Now Inspired Homes’ buyers are given the option to choose from our standard designs or to modify designs for a custom home – adding rooms, moving rooms and modules around the central core.

Each new home is designed by Andrew Stickley in partnership with clients – the result: an unheard of level of flexibility and design freedom.

In fact, Andrew reports that the company has never actually built the same house twice.

“Personal requirements, budgets, land sizes, shapes and orientation are all variables that should be considered an optimal outcome,” he said.

In a world where every estate seems to offer variations on a generic theme, Inspired Homes really does live up to its slogan of being “refreshingly different”.

Online Creator

Explore the difference yourself by clicking on the Inspired Home Creator tool and exploring the design possibilities for you new home.

It brings the inspired concept to life and opens buyer’s minds to new possibilities.

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