Choosing the Perfect Window Fashions

When it comes to choosing window fashions for your home there are a multitude of options.  It can become overwhelming, but with a few simple steps of planning it is much easier to select your fashions and create the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Here are our top tips…

Consider Function

Firstly, consider what you want your window fashion to do. This will help you filter through the options available on the market to only those that will serve your intended function. So ask yourself, do you want your fashion to let in light, block out all light or simply provide privacy?

Consider Aspect

The aspect of your home has a big impact on the light that enters the windows and the temperature within the rooms of your home. For example, if your room is West-facing it will be hot in summer, and if your room is East-facing it will be difficult to sleep in without heavy blinds. Consider the direction that your rooms face to determine the types of fashions you will need to create the atmosphere that you are trying to achieve.

Consider Efficiency

Double or triple glazed glass isn’t the only energy efficient way to moderate the temperature in your home and reduce your electricity bills; a well-chosen window fashion can do this too. If you want to keep the cold out and the heat in, or visa-versa, you may consider an energy efficient fashion such as a cellular shade; also known as a top-down shade. This style of fashion features a honeycomb fabric design that allows you to keep the temperature inside the house exactly how you want it.

Consider Style

Think about the interior design of your home. Window coverings play a huge part in design and can be used to create a consistent look throughout your home or to create different zones of style and design. Consider the look that you want to feature in the interior of your home and decide whether you want the same look throughout or different fashions in different rooms.

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