Building a New Home in Melbourne - Where do I start?

We all have questions when it comes to building design! Here is a space to get some answers from Andrew Stickley, Owner and Director of Inspired Homes…

Q. I haven’t got land and I’m new to all of this, where do I start?

A. Before you start looking at the options it is important to determine your budget by talking to a finance specialist. Inspired Homes have a new homes financial expert that we recommend who assists many of our clients.

Once your budget is determined you are ready to start looking.

Begin by considering the areas that you would like to live. Inspired Homes has a portfolio of connections with land developers across Melbourne and can assist you with information on different suburbs and estates to suit your lifestyle.

Before rushing out and buying a block, talk to us about a new home. Many buyers make the mistake of buying a block which turns out to be unsuitable for their preferred home design. We work with you to take away this risk and help you find house and land that complement each other and work together within your budget.

Q. What are building envelopes?

A. Building envelopes are areas defined on the title which you must build within. You cannot build outside of these areas unless you obtain planning approval from the local council. The likelihood of obtaining approval to build outside of a building envelope is slim; therefore we would recommend staying within the envelope. Sometimes there are permissible encroachments, meaning that certain elements may extend beyond the building envelope boundary (e.g. a porch to 3.6m in height or eaves). The flexibility we offer at Inspired Homes allows you to maximise the potential of your land, as we are happy to alter our designs to suit.

Q: What are site works?

A: Site works relate to additional works which are site specific, over and above standard allowances. The slab of your home must be supportive enough to withstand the weight of construction. Such work could be as simple as digging and removing soil to level the building platform or increasing the thickness of the slab. More substantial work such as piering or screw piles may also be required. Other areas such as retaining walls, drainage and temporary fencing will often come under the heading of Site Works as well.

Q. What hidden costs should a new home buyer be aware of?

A. We would hope as an industry that “hidden costs” are a thing of the past and that the only variable when being quoted on your new home by any builder would be site works. Site costs can be variable and the only way to take away uncertainty is to do a soil test, site survey and to do complete investigations about the specific requirements of each property.

If you have any questions regarding building a new home why not send them in and we will get Inspired Homes Director Andrew Stickley to answer them for you!

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