Inspired Homes

Custom Home

Refreshingly Different

Inspired Homes create homes with eye-catching flair and real originality. The difference is based around the diagonal central core that includes the kitchen, living and dining areas - and opens directly onto the outdoor area. It creates interesting angles, light filled interiors and ties all the elements of the home together around a central hub.

Energy & Flow

The energy and flow of a house is something you instinctively feel as you enter - and appreciate every day you live there. The diagonal central core of our homes creates a dynamic focus for family living and entertaining. Kitchen, dining and living areas flow together seamlessly with the alfresco for light filled spaces in winter and easy outdoor/indoor living.


How do you calculate the real value of a family home? Competitive pricing, build quality and practical layouts all help make our homes excellent value now and in the years to come. But perhaps the secret lies in the flexibility of our modular design concept. It means you can create exactly the home you want. And that’s priceless.

Personal Service

Inspired Homes doesn’t just offer surprisingly different homes. We seek to provide an entirely new level of personal service. Choose from an existing design or sit down with us to put together your unique home from our modular options. We take the time to listen and understand. And we limit our projects so we can provide real service and support.


We can work with you to create a unique home at no extra cost. A one off design usually adds considerably to the price of a new home - whether you’re planning from scratch or altering an existing design. But our modular system based around a central core allows endless options. It means you never have to compromise on design and layout.


When it comes to family living, one size does not fit all. Block sizes and shapes can vary as much as budgets and family requirements. That’s why we created a unique modular design system based around a dynamic core or hub. Choose from our extensive range of layouts or let us help you put together your own unique home.

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